Obedience to the word of almighty God in regards to the great commission, Shechem Ministries is committed to missions, training, social building capacity in community and spread the gospel whole world.


 In addition the Shechem has the task to heal all broken hearts by using the Gospel of God firstly, to request people to change their attitude from evil works using the prayers, to hearten all people of worldwide especially in East Africa and Great lakes region to build the spirit of hope for many hopeless people.


The  Shechem ministries  do not only heed  on spiritual deeds but also takes care of physical life for more people by feeding the hungry ,clothing the poor, educating many people at different ages, minister to elderly, widows , orphans, visiting prisoners and out to people of all ages and in all walks of life.

Besides, we have the special plan for East of D.R.C/CONGO because that region has passed many years in the strife and right now there is no worth improvement in many sectors, so, many people still suffering for all those problems that they are passing through, hence we think to create the orphanage for sustaining the orphans which have no means.

In the same way, we are planning to help the widows by gathering them in the projects and providing them basic needs for better unfolding their daily life.


We provide re humanitarian aid to hurting people and teach Christians and no Christians alike how to enjoy everyday life by applying Biblical principles in all they do. Our ministry desires to be deep well where every body from every side of the world gets water of life.

Not at all but also preaching holy gospel as bible said in John 4:13-14.


   Our goal is to reach every nation, every city, every day, night or day with the Gospel of our savior Jesus Christ.