In 2000, RUHORIMBERE Denis (founder) and Nyiramanyana Esther ( co-founder) pursued their passion for Ministry by starting “SHECHEM MINISTRIES”   They are committed and dedicated to serve God, changing lives, declare peace, build the spirit of hope in many persons’ minds, transforming our community and deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ meeting the needs of you and your loved ones using sound Biblical principles of spirituality.

This ministry was a fruit of prayers since many years ago from the time that God put in our Heart the Calling of serving him as we still live on the earth.

We aspire to strengthen each person’s confidence and hope in Jesus Christ our savior at every side in their lives, hearten personal and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, Conferences ,Seminars, Crusades and participation in activities of the Ministry and the Community.

Shechem Ministries was born  for rebuilding the spirit of Hope in lives of people, our endeavors were to declare the hope of the Future for every person in general East Africa countries and especially more Ugandan through the Gospel which is found in holy Bible, not only hope but also Reconciliation, tolerance and the Heart of Forgiveness between all citizens.

We invite you to join us to celebrate the lord in our power packed meetings allowing God to perfect that which concerns us.

We’re looking forward to fellowshipping with you soon and till then.

May the wonderful blessings of God ever keep you strong and victorious in our savior Jesus Christ.

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